Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pre-owned Medical Equipment

Are you a medical professional looking to upgrade your office equipment? Do you have used equipment that you no longer need, or want to liquidate? Whether you want to sell or buy refurbished equipment within a budget, MED (Medical Equipment Dynamics) should be your first resource. Make MED your source for selling or acquiring pre-owned, quality medical equipment.

Fed Predicts Worsening Economy, Unemployment

The Federal Reserve today downgraded the economic projections for this year, with predictions that the economy will contract more than previously expected and unemployment will continue to rise.

The new forecast from the Fed is that the economy will shrink this year between 0.5 and 1.3 percent. The housing crisis, inflation, the credit crunch and other economic factors have all contributed to the current recession.

The worst prediction may be the one regarding unemployment, already at 7.6 percent. Regardless of whether or not further downturns in the economy occur, Fed officials expect unemployment to continue to rise through at least 2011.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IE7 Review

You have probably heard the wise, old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I truly believe this is good advice, which is why I held off downloading Internet Explorer 7 for so long. Yes, I knew it had a few newer features that made it superior to IE6, but better the devil you know than the devil you don't, as they say.

Recently my IE6 had been crashing so often and becoming so useless that it was either give it up completely or get IE7. Normally, I use Firefox as my main browser, but occasionally I do need to have two browsers open, especially when checking webiste code.

I must say I am impressed with IE7, it loads much more quickly than IE6. It's sharp with an updated look and tabbed browsing was definitely a needed feature. I wasn't given a choice about installing their new protection software, it just loaded right along with the IE update, so now I face months of assuring IE, that yes I do want this website to function normally and no, I am not afraid of it. All of that will sort itself out in time.

If you have been reluctant to upgrade as I was, I can allay your fears to some extent. If you are going to use IE at all, you should move up to the new and improved version. In my opinion, Firefox is still the superior browser and I continue to use it as my default browser.

Monday, February 9, 2009

International Phone Cards

When a friend of mine visited me in the US from Australia, she bought a new cell phone in New York, because her mobile wouldn't work in the states. That's one way to make calls while you are traveling, but not necessarily the best or cheapest way to do it.

For travelers or students who will be making international calls, often a phone card can be a better solution. You can budget exactly what you can afford and control your phone bills by selecting a pre-paid card. There are cards that can be refilled once the minutes are depleted so that a weekly or monthly budget can be alloted for phone calls home. Some cards have a pinless dialing feature for convenience and speed. By simply choosing the country you will be calling most often, you can get a card with low rates for that country but you are not limited to calling only that country, you get good rates for domestic and other international calls as well. Even more convenient is the fact that a phone card can be used from any phone, anywhere. Even better, you won't burden friends and family with expensive collect calls. For convenience and controlling expenses, a phone card is a great choice for the international traveler.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Making Money with Public Domain Material

If you're looking for new work at home ideas and ideas on how to make money on the internet (and who isn't?) then you may be very glad you checked out free videos you can make money on.

That's right, free videos. Many people don't realize that there are thousands of books, movies, books and works of art that are now in the Public Domain. That means that no copyright exists on them, either because they were created before there was a copyright law or because the copyright on them has expired. This makes them free to anyone to use for any purpose, even commercial purposes.