Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some Receive Duplicate Stimulus Checks

Still waiting for your stimulus payment? While some are not yet mailed to anxious taxpayers, others have received duplicate checks totaling twice the amount for which they were qualified.

If you receive a second check from the IRS, do not cash it and hope they won't figure it out. The money must be returned. If you receive a second direct deposit, contact your bank or financial institution.

In some cases, taxpayers may receive a second check that is not a duplicate if they had not properly claimed their dependents. The IRS has in some cases issued two checks once discovering that the taxpayer was due a stimulus payment for a child or children.

Haven't received your check yet? Well the IRS is still mailing them out and will be until mid-July. If there was any difficulty processing a direct deposit, you will get a paper check instead and this will delay your payment.

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