Monday, February 9, 2009

International Phone Cards

When a friend of mine visited me in the US from Australia, she bought a new cell phone in New York, because her mobile wouldn't work in the states. That's one way to make calls while you are traveling, but not necessarily the best or cheapest way to do it.

For travelers or students who will be making international calls, often a phone card can be a better solution. You can budget exactly what you can afford and control your phone bills by selecting a pre-paid card. There are cards that can be refilled once the minutes are depleted so that a weekly or monthly budget can be alloted for phone calls home. Some cards have a pinless dialing feature for convenience and speed. By simply choosing the country you will be calling most often, you can get a card with low rates for that country but you are not limited to calling only that country, you get good rates for domestic and other international calls as well. Even more convenient is the fact that a phone card can be used from any phone, anywhere. Even better, you won't burden friends and family with expensive collect calls. For convenience and controlling expenses, a phone card is a great choice for the international traveler.

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